The first ETC based on real diamonds by creating the Diamond Standard

ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct merges the benefits of investing in commodities via ETCs with the benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct is a digital diamond investment offering, that enables investors to become owners of diamonds in various fractions through digital certificates created on DLT. The digital certificates are transparent securities traded on the HYBSE, enabling investors to gain exposure to physical diamonds without trading of the underlying and associated hurdles and requirements like transport, storage, or certificates. 

The ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct certificates are secured by 1.01 carat diamonds which are continuously quoted during trading hours. The certificates’ returns are equivalent to the movement of the RDI Diamond index spot price, less the applicable management fees. Individual diamonds are broken down in multiple tradable digital certificates, while the physical diamonds are stored in secure vaults. The diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Private individuals and businesses will be able to trade portions of diamonds on the HYBSE and be credited with ETC certificates that symbolize their digital ownership share of the diamond. The ETCs can be stored on the HYBSE platform or they can be withdraw into Treasury Depot accounts.

An example for you

To illustrate this in more detail, consider a trader named Kevin. Kevin first goes to the HYBSE and opens an account. He then analyzes the diamond market and decides that it is the right time to buy. With the accepted currencies in hand, the next step for Kevin is to start trading on the HYBSE and buys his share of diamond certificates.

Supply & Equity

In the first phase, 26 diamonds provided by ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct will be supplied to the market. Diamond holders will be able to purchase their Diamond holdings on the HYBSE, of which all diamonds are GIA certified. Suppose that Kevin wanted to sell some of his diamond holdings. Kevin loga to HYBSE where he observes market trends and performs technical analysis. He decides that he wants to sell. He goes on to his Treasury Depot (if the certificates were withdrawn) and sends his ETC to the HYBSE via the DLT network. Once the ETCs reflects in his HYBSE account, he can begin to trade. If the certificates were stored on the HYBSE and were not withdrawn, he can sell them on the platform directly.

Physical Ownership

The ownership of a single ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct is divisible to one thousand of a fraction. The number of ETC certificates that a trader has represent his digital ownership of diamonds. Each diamond is 1.01 carats but for this case study it will be converted to 1.01 carat and every ETC certificate represents ownership of 0.0001 carats. The 10 000 ETC certificates therefore represent complete ownership of a single 1.00 carat diamond certified by GIA. Each certificate is worth $2, thus investors from a broad range of wealth and income can access diamond market.


Distributed Ledger Technology has emerged as an important component of the digital revolution and has wide use in the Internet-of-Things (IoT). DLT is essentially a replicated data base or consensus shared and synchronised across multiple geographical sites, countries or institutions that relies on encryption to facilitate peer-to-peer (p2p) transactions. The public can view the transactions and information stored or transmitted but cannot temper with it the details making them immutable.

Investor Relations

Collateralization: Physical diamonds
Custodian: Diamond license holder in Belgium, Diamond Centre,
Member of the Diamond Board
Weekly High:20.000000
Weekly Low: 20.000000 
IBIN: BE0000010021B 
Currency: D-USD
Total Value: $600,000.00

ETC Diamond Standard 1.01ct GIA Grading Report Information

GIA Report Number 2156276540
Shape and Cutting Style Round Brilliant
Measurements 6.42 - 6.46 x 3.96 mm
Carat Weight 1.01 carat
Colour Grade D
Clarity Grade Internally Flawless
Cut Grade Excellent
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Fluorescence None



TTDiamonds BVBA
Schupstraat 1-7
2018 Antwerp
BE 0840 722 061